Tsiolkovsky Solutions Limited

Services we can provide

Tsiolkovsky Solutions is an information assurance consultancy based in the south West of England.

Tsiolkovsky Solutions Ltd offers a full range of tailored security consultancy services enabling you to better protect yourself in an every more connected world.

Security Auditing

Tsiolkovsky Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of auditing and pre-auditing solutions.

Secure Network Design

Tsiolkovsky offers the complete range of Security Design services to protect your organisation from actual and potential threats to your network.

Security Network Testing

Tsiolkovsky Solutions Ltd delivers a range of specialised Penetration Testing services tailored to suit your business requirements. We will assess the complete scope of your current infrastructure security, evaluating both legitimate and illegitimate points of access, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and helping you take any remedial action necessary.

Security Policy Creation

Most employees in the UK now have regular access to the Internet. Despite this very few organisations realise the consequences that the misuse of such a resource can bring about. There are now freely-available, large numbers of Web sites that provide content that is both inappropriate and in some cases illegal.

It is now becoming clear that senior management within an organisation must be aware of the legal implications of IT related legislation. In particular they must satisfy themselves that the procedures and processes their organisation employs give absolute confidence that it is fully compliant with the law.

We can provide advice and write policies that enable organisations to control Internet and e-mail use and ensure they are compliant with the law